Guiding Principles


Preference for clean Fleets of Autonomous Vehicles that are Electric & Shared (FAVES) over personal autonomous vehicles. with the goal of improving access, air quality and seeking zero fatalities for all modes. Vision of livable cities that includes environmental and social justice.


Protect privacy and address security.  Require standard data, open APIs and communications systems that support multimodal transport, shared trips and efficient movement of freight. Create a data commons that enables better metrics for livability and investment. 


Support and expand physically active modes for 50% of trips (walk/bike); promote shared, electric, and ultimately FAVES.

Repurpose rights of way and parking for livable, equitable, sustainable communities. Create local criteria and priorities now.

land use

Build fund for inevitable driver job losses. Create job registry for new jobs; pilot universal basic income. Enable income diversification and protect workers with multiple income streams with social safety nets and workplace rules that apply no matter how many hours worked.



Urban autonomous vehicles must be clean renewable energy. Incremental demand on electric grid must be renewable. Municipalities and agencies must be part of push toward more rapid shift to clean electricity.

New transport tax regime to shape incentives and cover transportation infrastructure costs. Plan for labor automation, rethink labor & corporate taxation.