Our Mission

In our dynamic and rapidly evolving world, Osmosys hopes to create the conditions that pull us toward a livable, sustainable, and just steady state.

The impending introduction of fully autonomous self-driving cars presents us with an opportunity to redirect the trajectory of cities and economies. Automated vehicles are deeply implicated in new choices about the way we travel and use our streets, respond to climate change, access jobs and create economic opportunity, protect our data and learn from it, as well as refresh the social contract with labor.  

We are forming a multi-sector alliance with shared guiding principles to lobby for the interests of cities and those who live and work in them. We seek to shape this impending transition as an opportunity to create sustainable livable cities

The alliance will:

  • form a network of cities and NGOs within and between cities and countries, and across sectors;
  • create local distributed self-organizing efforts worldwide; 
  • guide the impending transition to fully automated self-driving vehicles in the direction that best serves the interests of cities and those who live and work in them; and
  • serve as a locus for resources and best practices. 

“The infrastructure we build over the next four years will determine the fate of humanity.”
— Christiana Figueres, led the UNFCC to the Paris Agreement